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jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)21:10:33

Hey, everybody! I’ll be hosting the session today for “Spanning the Customer/Business/Tech Divide”. Looking forward to another terrific conversation!;from=msft Phone one-tap: US: <tel:+16468769923,,92669811592#|+16468769923,,92669811592#> or <tel:+13017158592,,92669811592#|+13017158592,,92669811592#> Meeting URL:;from=msft Meeting ID: 926 6981 1592 Passcode: 467927 Join by Telephone For higher quality, dial a number based on your current location. Dial: US: <tel:+16468769923|+1 646 876 9923> or <tel:+13017158592|+1 301 715 8592> or <tel:+13126266799|+1 312 626 6799> or <tel:+16699006833|+1 669 900 6833> or <tel:+12532158782|+1 253 215 8782> or <tel:+13462487799|+1 346 248 7799> Meeting ID: 926 6981 1592

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)21:10:05

Friendly reminder we’re still following Chatham House Rule. When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. If you’d like to post your thoughts in this Slack channel… just remember they should be non-attributable (per the Chatham House Rule).

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)22:10:02

Insight: disconnect between what the organization says is important/priority and the KPIs that people are incentivized by — and it’s hard to reconcile when the KPIs are invisible

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)22:10:32

Insight: hard to get business leaders to understand value of speed when all they care about is cost optimization

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)22:10:29

Insight: don’t underinvest in shared services and “platform teams”

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)22:10:58

…or else all of the other teams that depend on them will slow down

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)22:10:13

Insight: get something “new” done, show the benefits and the better way of doing things, and then people will say they want onboard, too

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)22:10:09

Insight: understand where we’re trying to go as a company and connect to that

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)22:10:54

…and putting that in terms of what the customer wants is helpful

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)22:10:28

Insight: find the pain for the business and create a solution to address it

Martin (TeamForm)22:10:34

relating org direction - the roadmap - to the customer experience

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)22:10:28

Insight: having leadership who “gets” the tech and new ways of working certainly helps

Martin (TeamForm)22:10:55

make space (Eg hackathon) to reduce your pain, your toil. success is removing your toil (happiness up), which makes more time to work on the org's pain.

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)22:10:44

Challenge: difficulty convincing business leaders to pay down technical debt

Martin (TeamForm)22:10:23

thanks for running this session @jeff.gallimore!

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Manny Avila - Consulting Engineer, Cloud and Datacenter - JD Finish Line22:10:55

Thanks everyone for the ideas and concepts....I very much appreciate it

Martin (TeamForm)22:10:53

@mavila907 sounds like you have done great work tackling that tech debt, tech supporting the business!

Manny Avila - Consulting Engineer, Cloud and Datacenter - JD Finish Line23:10:14

Thanks for that...I do my best...I tend to be very loyal to a company that in turn rewards me...I like it when things are on fire and like the best work comes out...

Manny Avila - Consulting Engineer, Cloud and Datacenter - JD Finish Line23:10:13

and...been there 14 most of the technical debt I am fighting I built.....

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)23:10:12

@mavila907 i found the video from gene you should watch about technical debt:

Manny Avila - Consulting Engineer, Cloud and Datacenter - JD Finish Line23:10:08

Wow...that was good stuff...I copied the graph witht he up and down arrows...makes great sense and its something I can take back and get behind...

Manny Avila - Consulting Engineer, Cloud and Datacenter - JD Finish Line23:10:40

nothing will get there attention more than putting a halt on features....

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Andrew Yorra23:10:13

Great conversation today, thanks guys! Also, love the clip on debt and it’s impact on feature delivery…and the flip side of acceleration via investment in developer productivity

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