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Kyle Glynn (Tasktop)15:10:05

Hello @raghu.tumuluri614! Hope all is well. Feel free to reach out in this channel or directly if you have any questions.

Raghu Tumuluri16:10:53

Sure Kyle.

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Ben Grinnell - North Highland and DOES PC21:10:51

Great discussion, thank you to the many contributors: • We shared experiences - the overwhelming antipattern was Product Transformation within the IT silo. • We discussed the need to 'follow the money' • The need for cross enterprise transformation to be driven from the top • The frustration with the top 'team' often not being a team, not speaking the same language, not investing the time to learn and in the worst cases presenting as experts • We discussed Enterprise Project Management Office changing to E Product Management office, not many success stories here yet but many trying to move to an Enterprise Value Office as an easier route. • We touched on several of the great resources available from the DOES Forum - published freely on ITRev and often useful when you can't get people to invest the time in reading a whole book - two particularly - Project to Product Transformation and Evolving the funding model. • Many people struggle with never ending transformation, we discussed that the only 'done' in agle, DevOps, Product or Digital Transformation is done as in 'given up' thanks again

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Charlie Betz - Forrester Research - Principal Analyst, DevOps/ESM15:10:10

What discussion was this? Very interested in "product transformation within IT silo" as antipattern?

Charlie Betz - Forrester Research - Principal Analyst, DevOps/ESM15:10:32

NM I see how BOFs work now. Still interested in the antipattern aspects.

Ben Grinnell - North Highland and DOES PC17:10:59

Hi Charlie. We discussed the problems organising around value streams in a product transformation when the transformation is being driven by IT and the parts of the value stream outside the IT silo aren't on board or changing in response

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Charlie Betz - Forrester Research - Principal Analyst, DevOps/ESM17:10:33

IT can create platform teams on its own, but anything customer or user facing requires direct involvement of business leadership, e.g. 2-in-a-box.

Steve Pereira - Visible Value Stream Consulting22:10:07

Any effort in isolation starts to look like a anti-pattern. If you have control over your intake and access to your customer, that's a recipe for a solid start