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Good morning!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution13:10:25

Yes! You can register on Slack with any email of your choice.


Is this the right channel to ask a question about logging into ?

Roger Servey13:10:15

Has the login page been updated as yet? Still only seeing 3 options- slack, conference platform and invoices on

Ann Perry - IT Revolution13:10:36

Just now, @roger.d.servey !

Ann Perry - IT Revolution13:10:02

You should (very shortly) be able to see WATCH page - we'll have all pages turned on at 7:30a PT.

Roger Servey13:10:24

Awesome and thanks Ann. Working as expected. Thanks

Fatima Nadeem - Software Engineer - Capital One13:10:38

Has the conference started yet or will it start in about 2 hours? (not sure if I have the right time zone ๐Ÿ˜…)

Bill Trautman13:10:58

you can change the timezone on the sched app.

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution13:10:06

Hi Fatima - we'll kick off in a little less than two hours at 8:30a PT

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I used a gmail address with a + in it to sign up for the conference. Now that I'm trying to use that to log in at, it's telling me that my username and password are invalid. Am I using the right credentials?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:10:22

Ah, the old +email instance - going to loop in my colleague, @alex on this one!

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff14:10:11

@pedrinho_does2020 Sched is a separate login, but you can easily register for their site. Takes a few seconds!

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff14:10:40

Once you register and adjust your schedule, youโ€™ll see your customized schedule throughout our site, like on the WATCH page and the SCHEDULE page

Brad Kirchman14:10:25

I have the sound turn up on the presentation, but still no sounds. Is anyone else having sound issues?

Ben Williams - Arvest Bank - Sr Data Pipeline Dev14:10:21

Unless they playing music, there is no sound right.

Tony Cook14:10:29

I don't think there is sound yet!

Brad Kirchman14:10:41

ok, cool. Making sure it wasn't just me ๐Ÿ™‚

Rob Cuddy - DevSecOps Evangelist15:10:29

DOES is going telepathic this year! :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

Venkata L - American Airlines15:10:09

Where to find the links for watching/listening various sessions?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:10:39

Hi, Venkata - welcome to DOES! The sessions will be airing on the WATCH page of the conference platform.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:10:19

If you go to the WATCH page, you'll see the track viewing options up top and the Sched below.

Venkata L - American Airlines15:10:20

Thanks I can now see the watch page.


@venkata.lekkala can you please post me watch page url, as I still dont see anything on my browser

Vince Fabro - Insight Digital Innovation15:10:22

I don't see any instructions on how to connect to the sessions. I'm on the but don't see any way to connect. I also tried the link but don't have a login for that. Anyone in yet?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:10:26

Hi Vince โ€“ย you should have received an email with login information to join the conference platform. Looping in my colleague @alex so that he can be on standby to help.

Vince Fabro - Insight Digital Innovation15:10:55

Awesome, thanks. I don't see any email with a login.

Brad Kirchman15:10:59

go to this link

Vince Fabro - Insight Digital Innovation15:10:40

FYI... turns out I never received a "Complete your registration" email from the conference after registering & paying. The DOES team manually sent me that email and now I'm in.

dorian johnson15:10:00

interesting- I'm not able to join. Is your DevOps profile page with summary/schedule the same credentials used for logging into (email and pw)?

Vince Fabro - Insight Digital Innovation15:10:12

Nope, they're distinct credentials. Did you get the "Complete Registration" email? If not, ping alexbf about that.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:10:16

@dorian.johnson The credentials are separate for Sched and the conference platform

dorian johnson15:10:11

ok- someone else registered me for the event so maybe they rec'd the email? I only rec'd an email to set up my profile and build my schedule

dorian johnson15:10:52

I'll check with them. Thanks all!

Brad Kirchman15:10:43

Is there any way to make the presentations full screen? the tiny video window is a bit annoying

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Tony Cook15:10:25

Depending out personal technology, I think you can right-click and 'Cast' that window to a TV

Andy Burton15:10:44

browser zoom might help somewhat

Thomas DuBuisson15:10:39

I see the schedule has the tracks sorted alphabetically by talk title which seems counter-intuitive (vs in order of tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4).

Cullen M Burton15:10:41

Is their some way to full screen the presentation?

Patrick Debois15:10:06

we're working on a fullscreen fix - couple of minutes

Dakota Wandro15:10:27

Sounds like they're working on a fullscreen fix. But it would seem that you can also increase your browser zoom level in the interim

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Patrick Debois15:10:57

fix is in place - just reload the page now

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Dave Shepherd15:10:08

I cannot see the presentation...just the schedule. I am on Have closed and logged back in several times. Any help?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:10:16

Hi Dave - have you logged in with a username/password? Another fix might be your browser - someone else had success with using Chrome

Rob Ables15:10:13

You can also use the pop-out/PIP feature on hover and take it to a new window. Then, you can make that window bigger, but it does not scale resolution and gets fuzzy.

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)15:10:15

For those looking for the โ€œfull screenโ€ option on the video player, refresh the page and you should have that option in the lower right of the player now.

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Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)15:10:24

I wouldn't expect anything less.

Michael Kingery (MetLife)22:10:54

I don't see the option when viewing in the Library; using Chrome.

Philip Day15:10:36

Hi, can't login to the event, can someone DM me please

Philip Day15:10:25

I paid the invoice in August, never got a login link, tried to reset password but hasn't come through (I have the link from June)

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:10:37

New email headed your way!

Philip Day15:10:21

(To my gmail or to my work address? Registered with the latter).

Kolby Kallweit15:10:59

I missed the DropBox link for slides - could someone link that to me?

Marc Boudreau (Enterprise Architect)16:10:19

Is is possible to get the links for the slides? Please ๐Ÿ™‚

Neil Kalinowski16:10:03

@jeff.gallimore Do we have access to the plenary sessions slides?

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)16:10:38

slides and videos will be posted for each of the plenaries after they air (there might be a lagโ€ฆ)

Lane McMullen16:10:42

Are the slides for the plenary sessions also available for download?

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John Allspaw16:10:50

apologies, I thought I had registered (as a speaker) - but canโ€™t seem to login. Could someone confirm that Iโ€™m registered? ๐Ÿ™‚

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:11

Will do - stay tuned!

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:53

Looks like you're in...twice : )

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:29

We just enabled your Gmail address

John Allspaw16:10:44

Ah! Ok thanks, will try!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:49

Make that both emails!

John Allspaw16:10:09

Ok - maybe I have the wrong password - sorry about this! Iโ€™ll try to reset it

Michael Davis16:10:43

Is the watch page not browser agnostic? Chrome and IE will not work. Only Edge. I try to log on and when I do, I simply get the schedule presented and a message to "Sign Up or log in to bookmark...". (A loop). When I log on to Edge, my schedule pops up and I can watch the presentations. I have cleared my browser cache as such as well. Ideas?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:28

Lots of people have had success using Chrome, less with IE. Looping in @alex just in case...

Tim Mercil16:10:20

I'm having same issue

Michael Davis18:10:30

I have emailed with the issues. Basically any browser I touched PRIOR today with fails. I am still trying to get it with Chrome, still no luck

Tor Flatebo16:10:13

Someone in my org registered for the conference 30+ minutes ago, and is waiting on the registration email to get in. Do we know how long those take?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:16

Let me flag this up....

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:03

Do you recall which email you used to register? The or the

Tor Flatebo16:10:20

they just got it

Tor Flatebo16:10:33

sounds like it took about 20-30 minutes

Tor Flatebo16:10:37

thanks for the response!

Brad Nelson16:10:46

Thanks @alex for helping me get in! I never received registration and Alex made it quick and painless to access the summit.

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Ron Anderson16:10:02

I have been waiting for an email link to reset pw but hasn't come through over the past 45 mins. Any ideas on how to get help?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:56

We'll resend that now...

Ron Anderson16:10:48

Thanks. I still haven't received anything. I can access my schedule on but can't login to


Several of our team is also awaiting the ability to reset, but have not gotten notification yet.

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:47

Hi Mike - we'll get you sorted!

Sam Yeats - TeamForm16:10:56

Thanks so much for your awesome support @annp @ashleyb what a team! ๐Ÿ™Œ

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Andy Nelson16:10:40

when do keynote slides get posted to dropbox/GH? End of day I assume?

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Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)17:10:31

weโ€™re working on that now. you should see them soon. stay tunedโ€ฆ

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Will all the recorded sessions be shared? Just asking because i'm from India and wouldn't be able to attend the full session.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:44

Hi Nidhin โ€“ย you'll have access to all the plenary and breakout sessions until 7 days post conference. You can view them via the LIBRARY page.

๐Ÿ‘ 1

thanks @annp

Charles Baker19:10:33

@annp Is longer access still available? I seem to recall an option to buy the library?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:35

Hi Charles - there is an option to purchase a subscription. Working on getting you a direct link with more info!

CJ Russell14:10:20

@annp, if we have already purchased the subscription, how do we share with others in our org?

Goudy S16:10:52

Do I have "full page view" option for the ongoing session?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:12

You should be able to expand - if you don't see the option, try to refresh the page?

thankyou 1
Goudy S16:10:31

oh yes.. page refresh helped

Roberto Torres17:10:36

Hi! I'm a reporter with CIO Dive, and I'm trying to watch one of the talks which just took place. Here's the title of the talk: DevOps: Approaching Cruising Altitude (American Airlines)

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:28

Hi Roberto - we'll have the plenary videos uploaded soon!

Roberto Torres17:10:09

Thank you @annp. Sorry to be a pest but, when you say soon... any chance that's in a few minutes ๐Ÿ™

Roberto Torres17:10:31

I wanted to recap the talk for the site but missed it

JeremyDouglas - Catapult PR17:10:46

Iโ€™ll connect with you as soon as theyโ€™re up Roberto! Thanks @annp

JeremyDouglas - Catapult PR17:10:46

@rtorres it sounds like the first round of plenary talks will be available in the library during the first break.

Roberto Torres18:10:46

thanks, Jeremy. This is sending me to a different talk

Roberto Torres18:10:41

I'm looking for DevOps: Approaching Cruising Altitude (American Airlines) with Maya Leibman Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, American Airlines and Ross Clanton, Managing Director, Chief Architect - Technology Transformation, American Airlines

Roberto Torres18:10:36

thank you Ann and Jeremy!

Roberto Torres18:10:38

Appreciate it

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JeremyDouglas - Catapult PR18:10:16

oops sorry -glad you got it, thanks @annp

Philip Day17:10:45

Are the slides available at this stage? seems to just be videos. Also 'Team' doesn't appear in search... i'm watching the Team of Teams here, would like to be able to have a quick look back at previous slides...


It looks like the plenary talks are being posted after the fact (not sure how quickly).


Ohh... looks like they've all been posted now... nice.

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:49

GitHub to be updated shortly as well.

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Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff18:10:09

@letitia.soulliard @philipday Dropbox link has all the slides, and keynotes are added after their airing block.

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff18:10:24

pushed the AM keynotes to go live within a few minns

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Philip Day18:10:40

Got them thanks!


when the keynotes video are going to be available ? thansk

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:48

We are in the process of loading them - they should be in by end of day, if not sooner.

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff18:10:16

morning keynotes will be live in a few mins

Morgan Harter17:10:19

Is there any way to "bookmark" the sessions for viewing later? it seems like the best way is to add them my schedule for a "quick reference". Is there a better way?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:23

I think building your schedule in Sched is the best way. you can also visit the LIBRARY page at any time throughout the conference.

Morgan Harter18:10:46

Yeah I was perusing the Library section. Sounds good thanks!

Mohamed El-Malah - American Airlines18:10:58

Apologies if this has been answered before. Where can we access the plenary sessions from earlier. I could not find them in the "Library". Will they be added later or are they located somewhere else?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:31

The plenary sessions will be added shortly - we're uploading them as I type : )

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:08

Hi Mukesh - have you logged in and gotten set up on the platform? We are on a break right now and will resume sessions at 11:35a PT.

Mukesh Sharma18:10:48

Yes ... I created my profile

Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:06

which browser are you using โ€“ I believe that Chrome has been the most popular

Mukesh Sharma18:10:11

When I access the link .. it asks email and password and then it says wrong id or password ... I reset my password multiple time

Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:27

Okay, I'm going to loop in my colleague @alex - hang on for a moment!

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff18:10:10

Hi @mukesh_sharma โ€” Iโ€™ll send you a DM and weโ€™ll get this figured out

Mukesh Sharma18:10:42

Ok.. Thanks ..

Michael Davis19:10:26

Having same issue - only browser I could get to work was to use one I had not used with this conference prior to today. I flushed cache, cookies, everything. Nothing works. I brought Chromium for first time and it worked.

Andy Nelson18:10:44

hey checking out some of the expo vendors - noticed a couple issues 1. IT Rev bookstand has a link (free book excerpts and downloads) that isnt working (snap attached) 2. TeamForm bookstand download link loads a popup that doesnt take already registered entries - just asks to login again without the discount applied (snaps attached)

Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:15

Thank you so much, @isuanelson - we will make those adjustments!

Andy Nelson18:10:49

@annp For what its worth the other book downloads did seem to login to the IT Rev Resources page and download correctly (sooner,safer,happier, project to product, team topologies, and the devops enterprise journal)

Martin (TeamForm)19:10:51

thanks @isuanelson - having a look!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:06

I believe that we should be all set!

Jon Sturdevant - Tech Advisor - BlueCross BlueShield of SC19:10:08

Agree! I missed a couple minutes of the next session because I had to check my schedule to see which track I was going to

Ron S19:10:40

Also, sessions are sometimes going long

Margueritte Kim (CEO, IT Revolution, she/her)19:10:37

We know the schedule is packed, but Gene canโ€™t turn down the amazing programming submitted! If he had his way, DevOps Enterprise would run programming for 72 straight hours so he could accept every talk that moved him. ๐Ÿ˜† Adding 10-15m breaks in between sessions cuts into the number of talks we can have, so Gene vetoes them every time. But! Fortunately, as registrants, you have access and cab revisit any talk later.

Dave Shepherd19:10:50

How can I get access to the library for more than 7 days?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:54

Hi Dave - we have a subscription option, I can get you a link with more info in a few!

Dave Shepherd19:10:13

Perfect! Thanks!

Dave Shepherd19:10:46

Thank you Ann!


it would be nice to be able to watch video full screen in the VIDEO LIBRARY thanks

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:18

Noted โ€“ย we're making improvements constantly, stay tuned!


can I upgrade my registration to include the ability to share the content with others in my Organization?

Wendy Flowers20:10:39

Hi - I am not able to log in to watch sessions. I logged in but it keeps telling me to log in.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:15

Hi Wendy - I'm so sorry that you're experiencing some trouble, looping in my colleague @alex

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff21:10:37

Hi Iโ€™ll DM you to help

Jim DeMarre22:10:34

Hi - Trying to watch the 5:45 session, but I get nothing.

John Ediger22:10:22

Hi, how do we re-watch sessions we missed?

Lia Hanson, Split22:10:39

I believe they are in the Library!

John Ediger22:10:11

Awesome. Thanks @lia.hanson

Lia Hanson, Split22:10:14

No problem! I was looking for them myself.

Josef Hapli (he/him/his) - Excella22:10:52

How long will the videos be available post-conference?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution22:10:05

Hi Josef - theyโ€™ll be available to you for seven days post conference!

Andy Burton22:10:58

Could you enable the full-screen icon on the Library videos?

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff23:10:04

@andrew.burton Iโ€™m trying to do so now.

Michael Kingery (MetLife)22:10:07

Is there any word yet on when these videos will be available publicly? Forgive me if this was answered already somewhere.

Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems23:10:45

Would it be possible to start recording the AMAs and put them in the library? I love both the networking sessions and the AMAs and would love to benefit from some of the AMAs I can't make.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution23:10:17

Hi Dan! You know, we've talked about that but are still working through the logistics. It's such a great idea. Stay tuned!

โค๏ธ 1
Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems21:10:03

Any news on this? Might affect my plans for the networking period and happy hour.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:11

No plans for tonight, I'm sorry!