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Stijn Liesenborghs - Engineering Mgr - Nike13:07:25

Anybody else from IT Rev who can help.

Stijn Liesenborghs - Engineering Mgr - Nike13:07:29

Hi Gene, The invoice of the DOES20 got intercepted by our company SPAM and the claim is due soon. I can't release it anymore from the SPAM box since it is more than 30 days. Is there an option you can resend the invoice? Br Stijn

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:07:17

Hi Stijn - looping in my colleague, @ashleyb who can help!

ItsAsh (ITREV Event Staff)18:07:27

Hi @stijn.liesenborghs I’ve just resent your invoice. These can take about 10/15 minutes or so to process but please let me know if you still dont receive it after this time.

Stijn Liesenborghs - Engineering Mgr - Nike12:07:23

@ashleyb @annp Thanks a bunch!

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