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Vaidik Kapoor (Speaker) - VP Eng (DevOps, Security) - Grofers05:10:44

when can I access video recordings of all the talks?

Vaidik Kapoor (Speaker) - VP Eng (DevOps, Security) - Grofers05:10:29

oh absolutely. i didnt know that all the talks are being uploaded here

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Garrin Ball - DevOps Leader - DDMI13:10:52

Anybody having trouble with a couple of the ebooks, where it says that the code is already redeemed?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution13:10:59

Hi Garrin - Iโ€™m so sorry for the trouble youโ€™re experiencing. Could you tell me which books? Weโ€™ll figure this out as soon as we can!

Garrin Ball - DevOps Leader - DDMI13:10:28

Sooner Safer Happier, and The art the art of bureaucracy

David Evans13:10:36

Ditto. I was able to add the other five but not those two.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution13:10:44

Okay, we will get on this ASAP - Iโ€™ll be back with a resolution of some sort. Thank you, all!

David Evans13:10:54

Thank you, @annp!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:10:36

We should be good to go โ€“ย thank you for your patience and for the heads up!!!

Garrin Ball - DevOps Leader - DDMI14:10:14

still not working yet for me. at least from the links on

Billy Jo (he/him)14:10:04

Sooner works for me now, but Bureaucracy doesn't

Garrin Ball - DevOps Leader - DDMI14:10:31

yep, sooner just started working for me now as well. Maybe its just still rolling out

Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:10:36

Maybe give it a few minutes to fire up - let me know if you're still having trouble. Thank you again!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:10:06

Looks like you're good โ€“ย I see your names coming through on the report!

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Steve Jones - He/Him15:10:56

How do we download a book? I see them in an IT Revolution Library, but reading on a browser wasn't what I expected.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:10:45

Hi Steve! You can access the book any time from the IT Revolution reading app but it is not downloadable.

Steve Jones - He/Him15:10:35

Where is the reading app? I do't see this in the Play store, nor is there a link in the library that I see.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:10:23

The actual app will be ready in a few days and the books will be available to download to most iOS or Android devices. In the meantime, you can read books anytime via the library.

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff15:10:23

@steve.jones the mobile is in beta if youโ€™d like try it out. Join #itrev-app

Michael Kingery (MetLife)15:10:53

Are there more details on the Video Library Upgrade Options? Is "entire company" everyone with a matching email domain to the purchaser? Sharable in that they can log in and view any of the videos within 1-year?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:54

Hi Michael - we should have more details to share soon. Looping in my colleague, @alex

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Andy Nelson16:10:24

When will the Day 3 AM keynotes be posted in library? Once the AM plenary session is done? I wanted to catch the first one I missed this AM so just wondering if I can squeeze in during breaktime

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:40

Hi Andy - yes, keynotes will be posted after they air. We should have this morning's keynotes available very soon.

Adam Hawkins, SRE at Skillshare, Host18:10:24

Does anyone know a way I can export the slack user directory? Iโ€™d like to save everyoneโ€™s titles & companies so I can follow up after the conference. Thereโ€™s too many great people to connect with in just three days. Itโ€™s gonna be a long tail effort ๐Ÿ˜„ Edit: another use case: finding people in my TZ.

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:33

Hi Adam! We'll be keeping this Slack workspace open after the conference so you can continue to reach out and ensure new/ongoing connections.

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Manny Avila - Consulting Engineer, Cloud and Datacenter - JD Finish Line18:10:27

help....browser crashed.....can't seem to find the link to log back in....

Ruta Kalediene19:10:51

do these videos keep crashing only for me? It just stops working and takes a couple of minutes to start again. It is repeating every several minutes. Internet connection strong, other videos on other pages loading and playing fine. ๐Ÿ˜ซ

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:07

I'm so sorry, Ruta! I'm going to loop in my colleague, @alex to see if we can help!

Ruta Kalediene19:10:54

yes, the Watch page

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff19:10:46

@rkal258 when it crashes, what happens? Rest of page is good but video just stops?

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff19:10:21

for now you could track to where you are in the library-hosted version of the talk:

Ruta Kalediene19:10:09

thanks for the workaround. Yes, the rest of the page is good. I get a spinner on the video and then have to wait for a while until it comes back to live.

Ruta Kalediene19:10:03

Just wanted to know if I am the only one having this issue :)

Sunil Joseph19:10:17

<!here> Does anyone know the link to the dropbox / git with the presentations, Thanks

Andy Burton19:10:53

links at the top of the schedule page

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Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff19:10:55

@sunil.joseph.krishnap in the library, every talk has the slides attached too (those that are available):

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Ryan McGrail19:10:47

Slides on Dropbox:ย Slides on GitHub:ย

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Michael Kingery (MetLife)19:10:13

I've noticed in a few of the slack groups that the names are photos of the person posting is hidden. I even have someone who direct messaged me and I can't see who they are! When I mouse over their name (which is a blank rectangle) it says "Private user info".

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:26

Hi Michael - thank you for letting us know. I'll take a look at the settings and see what we can do. Who knew that we would need "Slack Caller ID"!

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Michael Kingery (MetLife)19:10:31

Perfect example - I can see that you've tagged me but I can't see your name or your picture so I have no idea who this is.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:27

Have you tried a Refresh (Command + R) to see if this helps? Apparently, it could be a Slack bug...

Michael Kingery (MetLife)19:10:46

I tried that and I tried downloading the Slack desktop application as well. Same problem in both places. It's entirely possible that my network is blocking elements so if others aren't seeing it then it might only be me.

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff19:10:56

Because I can see your name perfectly fine, Henry.

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Michael Kingery (MetLife)19:10:28

I see Ann Perry, but I can't see the other people responding.

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff19:10:22

itโ€™s just some of the people

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:38

Slack bug - I'll reach out to our friends at Slack.

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Michael Kingery (MetLife)19:10:52

It appears to be my work VPN/network. Logging in from another machine resolves it.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:38

Great to know โ€“ย thank you for the update!

Tim Haagenson, Software Engineer, American Airlines19:10:51

Where is the AMA with Dwayne Holmes? I don't see a link on the description.

Rasika V19:10:55

how do I ding AMA with Dwyne Holmes?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:21

There's the link, Rasika!

Mariya Ghadiali19:10:29

Where could we download all the presentation videos?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:03

Mariya - the links to watch the videos are on this page:

archana kataria20:10:55

they cannot be downloaded for offline viewing right?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution20:10:58

No, they can only be accessed through our library.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:01

โ€ข Dwayne Holmes โ€ข Team Topologies AMA with Matthew Skelton & Manuel Pais

Denver Martin - Sr. Mgr Cloud Ops Infrastructure21:10:51

schedule taking me to log in page and then looping.

Denver Martin - Sr. Mgr Cloud Ops Infrastructure21:10:50

I found it, same link as aboveโ€ฆ

Denver Martin - Sr. Mgr Cloud Ops Infrastructure21:10:43

getting message Host has another meeting in progress for Allspaw

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:53

Hold on, let me find out....

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:08

I believe he'll be there - just on time for the start at 2:50p. Holler if you don't see any change!

Woody Evans21:10:22

how can I get the deck from the AMA session with Dwayne Holmes? wasn't in my download from git ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:48

I'll ask Dwayne if we can make that available!

Jess Meyer - IT Revolution (she/her)22:10:51

Confirmed Dwayne is sending that to us - it should be added soon!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:10:20

Hi Woody โ€“ย here's the deck from Dwayne's AMA session. We'll be adding this to our DB/GH repos at some point as well:

Woody Evans17:10:23

Perfect! Thanks!

David - BBY14:11:27

These were great - thanks for sending them along @dwayne and @annp. Is there any chance Dwayne's plenary session slides will be added to Git or here in Slack? Thanks again for a great converence.

Claudia Fetter21:10:41

Assume that Lean Coffees are not recorded if you couldn't make more than one session?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:26

Yes, correct, not recorded ๐Ÿ˜”