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Anthony Fairweather18:11:30

Hi Folks, I’m trying to watch Fernando’s (Adidas) session again from this year the vimeo link looks like it’s not working anymore?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:11:44

Hi Anthony – we have a new Video Library set up, showcasing all the talks from the conference. Here's the to create an account, which allows you to view up to 10 videos every 28 days. Let me know if you have any questions or trouble logging in!

Anthony Fairweather19:11:06

Thanks @annp I’ll registered, don’t seem to be getting any of the emails either from the free account path or the registered one (I tried forgotten password).

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:11:11

Sometimes, it takes a bit to arrive and/or the confirmation gets caught in your spam folder. But, just in case, looping in my colleague @alex!