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Patrick S. Kelso23:10:09

Not so much summit help as a suggestion/request. Could we have some semi-local bof channels for meeting people you might be able to meet up with? I'm thinking something like #bof-region-northamerica #bof-region-southamerica #bof-region-anz #bof-region-africa #bof-region-europe #bof-region-northasia #bof-region-southasia. I'm sure there could be dozen others, or fewer depending on the attendees but we should start somewhere. I think it will help recreate that moment when you realise the person at the expo booth next to you has the same accent or the person speaking in the hallway to a colleague is speaking your language. And while I'm asking, maybe a channel for discussing books (Both IT Revolution published and others).

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Margueritte Kim (CEO, IT Revolution, she/her)23:10:43

Hi @nl_does!  Thanks for your suggestion(s)/requests ahead of the conference which officially starts on Tuesday, 10/5 at 8:30 CT. All Birds of a Feather sessions during the conference will be hosted in Gather. We tried this during DOES EU 2021 and it worked so well, we decided to continue using the platform for BoF sessions during DOES US this year too. We also used Gather to replicate what we called the hallway conversations, so missed during in person conferences. The “bar” was particularly successful as a tool for this. Our publishing team has a robust agenda planned for discussions surrounding current and upcoming IT Revolution titles and we are especially excited to host the authors of “The DevOps Handbook” for a panel during the conference. A newly updated second edition of DOHB (e-book) will be available to all attendees during the conference as well, thanks to our amazing sponsor, Stack Overflow

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