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Can we access the recorded sessions after the summit as well from the library?

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff11:10:11

Yes you can @sirisha.chalamalasett 🙂


Thank you!

Dave Burnison03:10:11

Based on the sessions I have attended thus far I believe the audience may be interested in this upcoming webinar: coming up on October 14th. This webinar will cover some of the key points from Would it be Ok/appropriate to mention this in the #general channel?

Brian Smith12:10:34

How long will the DOES21 slack workspace be open?

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)12:10:14

@brian.m.smith the workspace will stay open indefinitely. we keep it open year-round.

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Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps and Testing for Low Code13:10:59

Small issue with Sched. Under the “Simple” view of the schedule, it doesn’t seem possible to click through to Tuesday (to vote on and recommend sessions). The Tuesday link just goes to Wednesday. If you use the Expanded view, it does work.

Margueritte Kim (CEO, IT Revolution, she/her)13:10:47

Thank you @abd3721, I’ll alert the team.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution13:10:49

Hi Andrew! It's working for me at the moment but I'll keep playing around with it and will reach out to Sched if we have any trouble. Thank you for the heads up.

Brian W. Spolarich - Cal Poly14:10:05

Anyone else having video streaming issues? I'm getting some hangs today. I've restarted everything from my modem, router, and computer to start fresh and checked my download speeds and it is still a little flaky. The two prior days have been flawless.

jeff.gallimore (CTIO - Excella, he/him)14:10:48

@alex any information that would indicate this is an issue for folks today?

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff14:10:04

Nothing out the norm yet. @brianspo is it pausing to buffer?

Brian W. Spolarich - Cal Poly14:10:55

before I restarted the whole stack it wasn't recovering from the buffering, so that's progress.

Brian W. Spolarich - Cal Poly14:10:28

I tried a different wifi channel (my router thought it might be congested)

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff14:10:13

we should all bow down to your router’s mighty wisdom

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Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff14:10:34

ask it next, “what is the meaning of life?”

Brian W. Spolarich - Cal Poly14:10:01

"Network Status: Perfect"

Paul Boerger14:10:45

Hey Team, the slide fonts are pretty small. Where can I access a copy of the slides from,,, Putting the Ops in DevOps – An Infrastructure Story Stephen Farley Nationwide Insurance Vice President – Infrastructure and Operations ?

Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him16:10:00

Looking at the Slides to download there were 2 that were posted as ".KEY" files, when I converted to .ZIP to unpack the slides did not come out correctly, any way to get them uploaded as PDF or PPT type files? "Hoda Alshami - DevnetOps Journey- DevOps Summit.key" and "Brandie Gerrish - Anchore Session Slide Template.key" were the two files..

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Brandie Gerrish16:10:12

@alex @mr.denver.martin Let me know if I can help with anything here

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff16:10:53

@brandie.gerrish could you DM me the slides? That might be the fastest.

Mike Snyder - Speaker (Oteemo)16:10:52

question - would it be allowed to open a large participant zoom session for additional discussion if we are presenting ? can we post an invite into the track channel slack messages?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:28

Hi Mike - so sorry, just now seeing this. I think that would be okay - another idea would be to meet in Gather (bar, one of the tables, etc) if you'd like. We'll be rolling right into the break/Gather after your session.

Charlie Betz - Forrester Research - Principal Analyst, DevOps/ESM16:10:28

issues in breakout 4 - voices over the presentation

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Patrick Schmidt16:10:35

Is 720p the highest resolution for the videos. Text on slides is often fuzzy and hard to read.

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff16:10:24

it is the highest, but sometimes it needs to warm up

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff16:10:48

if we have the slides, they’re available in the video library or here on github:

Patrick Schmidt16:10:54

Track 4...but I have see it all week. On slides with smaller text.

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff16:10:57

We’ll make note of that, and look into upping the slide visibility.

Tashfeen Mahmood17:10:33

can someone please help me understand - how to/if I can - share my library presentation with someone on my team who may not have attended the summit?

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff17:10:20

Yes you can! When you’re on a talk, grab the URL.

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff17:10:37

They can make a free video library account from there.

Dave Burnison19:10:32

How do I find out if my organization (Microsoft and GitHub) have an organization code? I would love to share sessions with my colleagues.

Nitin Bhatia19:10:50

I wasn't able to add one of the free ebooks to my Library - The DevOps Handbook. Below is the error message I get

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff19:10:58

@leahb does that mean they were all redeemed?

Nitin Bhatia19:10:45

thanks for checking

Leah Brown - IT Revolution20:10:09

Psst. Here's a code to get one more copy for yourself. Thanks for attending DOES21! Let me know if it doesn't work.

Nitin Bhatia20:10:45

thank you ! let me give that a shot

Nitin Bhatia20:10:45

That didn't seem to work. See error below:

Nitin Bhatia20:10:29

That did it, thank you !

Leah Brown - IT Revolution20:10:34

Nice! Glad we could get it for you. Let us know what you think.

Joe Waid - Manager, Delivery Engineering - Columbia Sportswear19:10:06

I’m sure this has been asked and answered somewhere before, but how long do we have access to the video library and how many views are allowed? I’m trying to decide if I want to rewatch some of the sessions or watch some of the sessions I’ve missed. 🙂

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff19:10:23

Unlimited for 2 weeks following the event, then 10 every month.

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili19:10:17

How do I change the timezone on mobile?

Paul Boerger20:10:09

Help team, quick question. I cannot find the slide deck shared by Dr. Nicole Forsgren on A Tale of Two Cities: What We've Learned About WFH During the Pandemic (Las Vegas 2020). Any insights?

Paul Boerger22:10:17

I also cannot find the slide deck shared by Can’t change the volume? Hover over the video and use the up/down arrow keys. Learning Effectively From Incidents: The Messy Details John Allspaw Adaptive Capacity Labs Founder and Principal

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff22:10:23

Hi! John’s will be there soon - I’m deploying the last batch of talks now.