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Ben Grinnell - North Highland and DOES PC09:05:51

The conference login is only giving me access to the video library, not the live stream? who can help?

Ben Grinnell - North Highland and DOES PC09:05:25

Thanks Margueritte, that worked

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Laurel Heenan (Tasktop)13:05:35

Hi team, I registered for the conference but can only seem to access the video library at this time. Could someone look into this for me or let me know if I should email someone?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution13:05:00

In the meantime, Alex will be right here!

Laurel Heenan (Tasktop)13:05:10

Thanks all! If it helps, these are two of the pages I am getting the most

Alex Broderick-Forster, IT Revolution, Event Staff13:05:45

How are you getting that page isn’t turned on warning?

Laurel Heenan (Tasktop)13:05:50

Honestly I can't remember how I got there but this was the URL: "" but seems to be working now

Steffen Kreusch16:05:58

Hello, I cannot login to the free ebooks section. I´m logged in to the everything except that. Any time when I´m trying to sign in an error message pops up "We're sorry but we are unable to log you in at this time. Please try again later." I´m trying to sign in using my IT Revolution credentials Could you help me, please?

Randy Shoup (Chief Architect eBay; he/him)17:05:14

Some suggestions for web site improvements: • Add the video link and / or slides links directly on the talk page • (advanced) If the talk is in flight, link on the talk page to Watch • Link Watch from Schedule page • Link Watch from the root of I find that the only way I can get to Watch is by hunting down the conference email and clicking on one of the email links :-(

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)21:05:19

Would it be fun to have an #authors channel? There's lots of authors at this conference --- maybe a channel for them to talk, and for others to come and talk to them too?