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Leah Brown - IT Revolution15:10:39

Good morning!! Welcome to a new DOES! We are so excited to be here with all of you. Head on over to the IT Revolution booth for: • Info on IT Rev Author Speaking Sessions • Links to Happy Hours w/ free ebooks!! • Access to our brand new Fall 2020 DevOps Enterprise Journal (sponsored by LaunchDarkly • An exclusive preorder promotion of Jonathan Smart's upcoming book Sooner Safer Happier! • And so much more... Here's to an amazing conference! IT Revolution Booth:

Leah Brown - IT Revolution15:10:35

Also, we're sending a huge Happy Book Birthday 🎉 to @schmark's The (Delicate) Art of Bureaucracy!! You can head over to our Happy Hour with Mark tonight at 5:30 (PT) to get a free copy of the ebook!

Adam Hawkins, SRE at Skillshare, Host15:10:38

“Create a toolchain for your mind” AMAZING tagline.

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Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution16:10:24

Ross Clanton mentioned two of Mark Schwartz books during the first plenary talk of the day, they are:

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution16:10:43

As a part of celebrating Mark’s new book The Delicate Art of Bureaucracy,, which is out today (Congrats Mark!) we are offering all of Mark’s eBooks for $2.99 each at all fine book retailers.

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution16:10:32

What book did Ken Kennedy the Executive Vice President and President of Technology and Product CSG and Scott Prugh the Chief Architect & SVP Software Engineering mention in their plenary talk “CSGDevOps Lessons from Executive Leadership: Why DevOps Matters to Corporate Performance”? Accelerate:

Leah Brown - IT Revolution17:10:58

Check out Gene Kim's interview with David Silverman and Jessica Reif from Crosslead over on The Idealcast podcast:

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Leah Brown - IT Revolution17:10:10

Looking forward to @jonathansmart1 presentation up next! You can chat with him in #ask-the-speaker-plenary! And don't miss out on getting his new book for 30% off with code DOES20:

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Leah Brown - IT Revolution17:10:10

List of IT Revolution books mentioned in talks: Sooner Safer Happier by Jon Smart A Seat at the Table by Mark Schwartz War and Peace and IT by Mark Schwartz The (Delicate) Art of Bureaucracy by Mark Schwartz Accelerate by Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim The Unicorn Project by Gene Kim Full list of IT Revolution titles can be found here:

Leah Brown - IT Revolution18:10:06

We're heading over to #ask-the-speaker-track-1 to watch and interact with @jtf and Douglas Squirell, authors of Agile Conversations, for their breakout session: Making Change Painfully with Conversational Dojos! Starting at 11:35!!

Leah Brown - IT Revolution18:10:50

Tonight, you won't want to miss the IT Revolution Happy Hour with the incomparable @schmark!! In addition to Mark's unique wit, you'll also walk away with a free copy of his new book, The (Delicate) Art of Bureaucracy!! And a free Busting Bureaucracy poster. Join us here at 5:30 pm (PT0:

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Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution19:10:24

Just finished watching Jeffrey Fredrick and Douglas Squirrel, Co-Authors of Agile Conversations and their Conversational Dojo and now have the urge to dive into some Agile Conversations!

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Leah Brown - IT Revolution20:10:01

Back from lunch and ready to learn some more. We're heading over to Track 1 to learn about Team Topologies in Action with @matthew and @me1208!! Learn more about Team Topologies in their book:

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Matthew Skelton (co-author of Team Topologies)20:10:50

Looking forward to the discussions! See you in #ask-the-speaker-track-1 :thumbsup: 💬

Leah Brown - IT Revolution21:10:46

If you loved @me1208 and @matthew presentation, head over to check out their previous webinar on Remote-First Team Interactions here:

Leah Brown - IT Revolution22:10:08

Big congrats to @schmark, whose brand new title The (Delicate) Art of Bureaucracy just hit #1 New Release on Amazon. You can get your copy tonight at 5:30 (PT) at our special Happy Hour and AMA with Mark! Don't miss it:

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