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Mimi Werdegar14:10:36

Happy Day 2 of DOES! Thanks to everyone who’s already visited our booth. Here are some exciting ways you can engage with StackHawk today at the conference.  🎮 Enter our 📺 Watch the 2-min 🎪 Visit our 🌟 Use “Kaakaww” as our Sticker Seeker password  Hope you all have a great day at DOES!

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Eric Swanson (EA, CarMax)19:10:18

@mimi.werdegar has this message been deleted from "#general? Do we respond here? Or, does it not apply anymore?

Mimi Werdegar19:10:32

Hi @iseric, it's been moved from General to here! Please respond here or in the #xpo-stackhawk channel 🙂

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