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Steve Spear11:06:20

Join us today to hear how certain school districts tapped the distributed and collective intelligence of their communities to have in person education School Year 2020-2021, while others, centralizing data and decision making never managed to develop practical plans. The difference in impact on students and their families have been pronounced. Guests will include @pat greco, @dale shaver, and @corey golla, and the format will be pairwise comparison between adjacent districts in Wisconsin. The lessons apply to institutions more generally, navigating chaotic periods. Hope to see you in the live event. Register anyway if you cannot make it for links to the recorded version afterwards.

Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems18:06:56

I don't have kids in school, but this was really engaging and the intro got me excited to learn more about the problem. The themes around communication as the tool for success were really interesting. There was a common visual viewpoint internally to the team with sticky notes. Then, having the different tempos for different audiences with different details for the board, students, parents and teachers allowed all of them to be able to hear what they need. Then, there were clear paths for feedback to allow for local problem solving for things like the student internet connections. At one point @steve773, you said that getting no feedback or big questions in the biweekly meeting was also an important signal. What about that makes it such an important signal to you?