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Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)01:12:18

When do we want to do another DevHops? @jaclyn.damiano, we need DevHops

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Peter Maddison02:12:19

Funny, we call our local get together BoozeOps. You'd like it I think Bryan, it involved lining up a type of brown liquor and seeing which we liked the best. One of the nights was bourbon. I vaguely remember.

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)10:12:11

You are correct. I would enjoy that event very much. :)

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Peter Maddison02:12:57

Found bourbon night! It was a while ago.

Peter Maddison02:12:57

Found bourbon night! It was a while ago.

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)10:12:55

There's a WIDE range of quality there. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Luke Rettig - Target13:12:26

Blantonโ€™s and Elijah Craig are two of my favorite treats and staples, respectively.

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)14:12:45

I can't find Blanton's here.

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)14:12:45

I've not had the EC 12 year. I should try that out.

Peter Maddison20:12:30

So the "rule" was, "everybody bring a bottle of something interesting". We've done this with whisky, whiskey, run, bourbon...

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)21:12:00

I should move closer. ๐Ÿ™‚

Luke Rettig - Target21:12:46

like Minneapolis?!?

Luke Rettig - Target21:12:34

more reason to drink the bourbons!

Peter Maddison22:12:25

I'm in Toronto. Might be related. Though we only get light snow here, lake sends most of it south.

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)23:12:41

Somehow I thought Toronto was like 25% polar bears.

Luke Rettig - Target14:12:02

Toronto is actually south of Minneapolis and yes โ€œmilderโ€โ€ฆ but thats all relative

Peter Maddison16:12:44

Still, it's a nice -18 C (-0.4F) today with the wind chill. Makes me regret letting our daughter talk us into the dog.

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)16:12:41

hahaha. It's a chilly 32 here today, but it will be in the high 50's Friday. ๐Ÿ˜‰