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Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)15:01:34

We need a "DevOps Duhs" site. The collected list of "silly things people say". Top of my list today, "if some work isn't showing yellow, then we aren't pushing teams hard enough and they are under-utilized"

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Marc Boudreau (Enterprise Architect)00:01:30

Today: “Our key to profitability is getting utilization up to 90%”...

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)13:01:32

"We want to use a large mono-repo because we think mono-repos are better." "The platform was designed with a different philosophy and while small mono-repos will work, they are not well supported. It will add risk and we advise strongly against it." "Google and Facebook use mono-repos so we should too! We're going to use one. Fix the platform." A few months later... "Our build times are really long! Our project is critical! Our deliverables are at risk!! Why isn't the platform working for our mono-repo?" "We told you that mono-repos were an edge case and not well supported by the platform. We told you it was a risk. We are looking at architectural changes to make support better and hope to have something in 2 quarters. However, we still advise against accepting the risk of hoping is works for you." "We are bought in on mono-repos!!" "OK. Let us know how that works for you." When people put religion ahead of delivery.