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Margueritte Kim (CEO, IT Revolution, she/her)22:05:03

Where were you hiding? We were all wondering where you were the last three days!

Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies22:05:38

Well, it was my birthday on Monday! So there is that!

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Jim Moverley06:05:28

Friday 13th Makeup was EPIC! 😄 awesome effort ! Fun Fact: Italy has Monday 13th, and Spain Tuesday 13th as their unlucky 13th days! 😮

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Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies19:05:49

imagines celebrating the 13s on Monday Tuesday and FRIDAY…. breaks out facepaint!

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Nick Eggleston, IT Architect (DMs welcome)20:05:51

I didn't know about the alternatives, but I claim them all as my lucky days 😉

Jim Moverley09:05:28

@cnguyen DO IT!!! 😄