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Philip Day17:10:10

Does the Video Library Upgrade include the pptx / pdf files, and does it cover London content as well?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:19

Yes, all 100+ videos from the 2020 DevOps Enterprise Summit London-Virtual and Vegas-Virtual conferences will be included in the Video Library. And most of the slides are already included with each talk, there are a few stragglers that will be uploaded soon.

Philip Day17:10:57

Thanks. It's great to be able to access the doc files separately because you can browse through presentations more quickly and shortlist ones to watch. And jump to particular slides of interest more easily.

Philip Day17:10:56

Also if our org wants to look at the license Ts&Cs before payment, do you have a particular contact they can get in touch with? Thanks.


Why have you removed the posssibility to extend the video library to 3 persons ????

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:31

Hi Nicolas – we are finalizing the details of the Video Library passes and will be sending an email by the end of the week. I think you'll be happy with what we have planned. Thank you for being so patient!


I need the access beyond this week, but I dont want to pay 150$ if the 3 persons plan is back I have an important presentation next week and I need the info in the video


it was a 500$ option, it is not available anymore

Frotz Faatuai (Cisco IT - he/him)21:10:35 FEEDBACK: • As a member of a corporate team, the $2000 (entire organization) should be attractive, but I only saw one other Cisco attendee this year. Certainly my fire internally is being noticed, but that might just translate to future attendance. • As an individual the 1-4 / $500 option was steep, but my boss authorized that this morning. • As an individual the 1 / $150 option is workable in my price range. SUGGESTION to DOES2020: • Offer 1 ($150) and 2-4 ($500) SUGGESTION to ATTENDEES: • My boss stated that our travel and education budget were grossly under utilized and that his authorization of the $500 option was a no-brainer to him.

Rich B - DevOps is my career change12:10:02

my company declined the expense. $350.00 is too steep to pay out of pocket for personal access, $150.00 I probably would have done out of pocket.