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Jorge Luis Castro Toribio03:03:36

Hi team. Does somebody have real business examples of user story slicing? If you can share some I would really appreciate it.

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Adrienne Shulman20:03:07

hmm nothing written down anywhere but my colleague @rchautel has been pretty successful in guiding his team to adopt thin vertical slicing ☺️

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Rahul Chautel - Cornerstone OnDemand05:04:27

Thanks @ashulman. Sorry @jorge.castro for replying late on this thread but i think i missed the notification completely. I had written a quick agile design practice guide which is essentially a collection of few important materials that can help get answer on more things including vertical slicing. Please take a look at this article -

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Jorge Luis Castro Toribio11:04:55

thank you a lot for the resources team : )