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Tracy (Trac) Bannon01:10:45

I am sure that I missed the l channel post on how we access the recordings of the live sessions?! <help>

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)01:10:26

@tracybannon this should do it for you: we’re still working on the day 3 talks.

Trac Bannon12:10:34

Thanks!!!! How long will these be available?

Adrienne Shulman16:10:10

@jeff.gallimore Do you know if/ when the breakout talks will be posted?

Use other profile22:10:51

@ashulman All plenary are up. Breakouts will be posted. We’re working on them next.

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Sara Mazer-Federal CTO LaunchDarkly13:10:13

is there a place to submit general feedback outside of the individual sessions sched app?

Use other profile22:10:17

We will be sending out a survey shortly @smazer.

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Joanna Wyganowska14:10:20

I could not find on github the following presentation: DevOps @ Fidelity - Investing in Inner Source and Engineering Excellence by Tapabrata "Topo" Pal

Use other profile22:10:13

We’ll do an audit of missing slides and track them down! Thanks for the heads up.

Topo Pal00:10:56

I can send you the slides if you can’t find it @alex