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Hey everyone, nice to talk with so many of you at DOES. Our site, (part of TechTarget), is constantly on the lookout for freelance contributors who can write about a variety of technical topics -- and, yes, we pay our writers! Our site covers dev, design, test, Agile and DevOps topics, though we have other sites in our media group devoted to cloud, architecture and ops topics that you might also be able to write for. We'd ideally like to find contributors with both writing and tech experience. TechTarget is vendor neutral in its technology coverage, so if you work for one, that's a dealbreaker. We mostly post written articles (how-tos, tool tutorials, etc.), though we also commission some screencasts. Here's a few examples of recent articles from freelance contributors, to give you a sense of what we're looking for: - - - If you're interested or have any questions, shoot me a DM. I'm not on this workspace very often, but I'll make a point of checking back. Can't promise we'll be able to take on everyone who asks, but we'd certainly like to add a few. Also, shameless plug, come read our material! We aim to help you solve some of the problems you deal with every day, and we're always eager for a new story suggestion. Thanks!