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Howdy folks! Our company, allsynx, has openings for a Senior Developer and a Frontend Developer! For Senior Developer, we’re primarily looking for someone with .NET, MSSQL, and C# experience. Bonus points if you have experience with React or ColdFusion. Bonus bonus points for experience with Docker and Kubernetes. For Frontend Developer, we’re primarily looking for an expert in React, Redux, and Redux-Sagas. Bonus points if you have experience working with GraphQL APIs. Double bonus points if you’ve worked with React Native. Triple bonus points for both jobs if you have some domain knowledge in the life/health insurance industry. My personal biggest selling points about allsynx are: - We are a fully remote company. Eligibility depends on the state though. Texas, Colorado, Michigan, and North Carolina are definitely eligible. Others would be a conversation with HR. - Five weeks of PTO. One week available immediately upon hire date. The rest available after 60 days. - One additional week off between Christmas and New Years. - Additional holidays off. - Ridiculously excellent company culture. This is the most psychologically safe place I’ve ever worked. All of our C-levels have read the Phoenix Project and the Unicorn Project and you can see how IT Revolution has affected our company. We take continuous improvement seriously. - Lots of fun remote company events :) Senior Developer application here:;clientkey=C15474234E5020642FD2DEEA67CC7BDF Frontend Developer application here:;clientkey=C15474234E5020642FD2DEEA67CC7BDF Feel free to shoot me a DM if you have any questions.