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Siddharth, NatWest Group, DevOps CoE (he/him)09:03:56

Speaking Opportunity at NatWest Group Have you solved any problem within your organization during DevOps adoption journey or do you have an idea for a solution to any DevOps problem or have you created any pattern which could be adopted within any other organisation. If yes, you have a chance to talk to the Natwest Group employees about it. We don't want any tool pitch or marketing or sales about any product or service of your organization. The structure is similar to how we have the DevOps Enterprise Summit. To know more drop me your email address and will connect with you. Please keep in mind we have people from India and UK primarily hence want you to be present in live during their working hours which is anytime between 12 pm IST - 5 pm IST for 30 mins session whatever works for you mainly. Cheers.

Peter Maddison13:03:32

Hi Siddharth, there's a talk I give at conferences on work I've done at a couple of big banks on aligning the people and process part of security and compliance to DevOps delivery. I've given this inside organizations and even run Lean Coffee type sessions to answer questions afterwards. Happy to share if you think it would be useful. You can contact me at <|>

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Hi Siddarth, As a former NatWest employee, who is now working on a daily basis, with the core banking team on automated unit testing, I would love to share the journey (with the help of current NatWest employees) on how the mainframe is relevant to the Bank. I can be reached on <|>

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Philippe Guenet12:04:36

I gave a couple of talks at SEACON with my previous client (bank) which I could re-run. and to do with organisation alignment to flow, distributed leadership, etc. I also do regular workshops in Digital Leadership meetup on various topics, where many people participate (people are the content) - eg. #Diversity4Digital workshops. I also talk/workshop strategy with Wardley Maps and I am soon to produce a State of Banking using maps; I will be launching the Flow System as well in the UK. So, plenty of topics depending if your angle is strategy / leadership / collaboration or operational excellence & agility.

Siddharth, NatWest Group, DevOps CoE (he/him)12:04:07

@pguenet please drop your email address will reach out to you next week once vacation ends.

Jorge Luis Castro Toribio14:05:58

Hi @siddharth.pareek. I have some DevOps experiences with my clientes and I am speaker also. Please check my detailed DevOps work and speaking experience at my LinkedIn I will be glad to share

Siddharth, NatWest Group, DevOps CoE (he/him)15:05:15

@jorge.castro please drop me your email address. someone from my team will get in touch with you.

Jorge Luis Castro Toribio14:05:04