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Anthony Fairweather12:05:56

Iā€™m on the hunt for my backfill @ Just Eat Takeaway - if you know any product people that get a kick out of this techy space and still love a user need get them to give me a shout -

Ali Shahadat - Engineering at Wise13:05:51

Hi all! I work at Wise (formerly TransferWise), one of the most exciting FinTechs in London, and I'm looking for an Engineering Lead / Manager for the Virality product engineering team. The team is responsible for driving growth and championing transparency of our services to our customers, by helping them discover, evaluate and recommend Wise; the two main products in the team are our Comparison solution, evaluating our product against competitors, and the Invite and Referrals programme, allowing existing customers to recommend us to contacts. The role is London-based, with a recommended 2 days per week in office after all lockdown restrictions are eased. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please get in touch. Cheers, Ali

Helen Beal10:05:44

Love using Wise! Thanks so much for providing a service without which I would struggle! Works super well with Monzo šŸ™‚

Ali Shahadat - Engineering at Wise10:05:01

Really pleased to hear the feedback @helen.beal Glad you enjoy the product! Always up for hearing further ideas for improvement as well. šŸ™‚

Ali Shahadat - Engineering at Wise12:05:44

Bumping this post. We're also hiring a variety of engineering roles at all levels in London. Feel free to have a browse through here, and get in touch if anything interests you.;o=London