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Colin Bowern - Octopus Deploy04:09:47

At we are starting to grow again. If you are keen to figure out how to take the stress out of deployment time through calm and orderly deployments, helping us reach make 1M happy deployers, check out our two PM roles: • - you love logic puzzles and figuring out how to scale a workflow automation engine to deploy apps to tens of thousands of clinic, retail stores, bank branches, car washes, restaurants, and customer point-of-sale devices. The team is working on scaling up the engine to do it with little downtime. What scenarios are the most demanding or sensitive, which software teams will have better outcomes from solving certain aspects is waiting for your discovery skills. Iryna Melnyk is keen to meet you. • - We see many of our customers migrating to GitHub Actions. They are moving projects from tools such as Azure DevOps, Jenkins, and TeamCity as they attempt to standardize on GitHub as their development platform. They come to us with scenarios where GitHub Actions alone cannot easily meet their release management and deployment needs. When they pair Octopus Deploy with GitHub to deliver release pipelines, they get a result that others can’t match. We want to make this experience frictionless for application teams. You’ll dig into how teams work today, how they want to work, and unlock what is possible so that teams can step into modern development workflows. Michael Richardson is keen to meet you. If B2B mass-market products that make life easier for millions of developers excite you, then Octopus Deploy is worth looking at. We are a distributed team with R&D spread across Australia and New Zealand. We have market-tracked pay, flexible working, top-quality new gear, and various leave offerings. As a scale-up company, we are iterating and evolving, creating opportunities for training and on-the-job new experiences. As a profitable company with an expanding customer base, we hope to go public in the next few years, so options are included to allow you to see the upside of your contribution, too. Most importantly, managers, peers, and leaders all around share the goal of building a place where you belong and can do your best work. We aren’t perfect, but we are learning and growing, we look forward to learning from your experiences and growing with us as we celebrate the small wins, learning, and If this sounds like a potential match to what you seek, then we would appreciate a chance to meet you., if you want to learn more about working at Octopus.

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