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Hey there, I wanted to let the world know that I am leaving my current company (Wipro), and I am open to a next step. For those who do not know me, here I am: I have a nice career in EMEA, within vendors like Serena (Microfocus/Opentext), HP, CAST and Electric Cloud / CloudBees, where I have been SE Manager and Field CTO. If you hear about some opportunities, or simply if you can suggest some good vendors expanding in EMEA, please MP me 🙂. Thanks in advance for your kind help!

Mike Snyder18:02:38

I’m with a subsidiary of Suse. They’re based out of Germany and Luxembourg

Rebecca Davis01:04:50

Hey Manuel! I just wrapped up a conference in Berlin and the job board had the following companies on them with some cool looking roles. Hope it helps! SMA Solar Accenture Gladwell Academy Bearing Point Lockheed International

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