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Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies16:08:35

My Event Hit List - DMV Area and ET Timezone 8/31 5:30pm In-Person: Agile Lessons from Antarctica: Responding to Change Over Following a Plan 9/7 5:00pm Virtual: Agile at Tesla - What I learned Working for Elon Musk (Joe Justice) 9/8 10:00am Virtual: AWS Discovery Day - Securing your AWS Cloud 9/12-9/16 In-Person: DC Startup Week Conference 9/13 5:30pm In-Person:US Public Sector Roadmap – Cyber &amp; Regulatory Insights 9/14 6:00pm Hybrid:Causal thinking in data science 9/15-9/16 8:00am In-Person: DevOps Days DC Conference 9/20 4:00pm In Person: LIT Leadshare Happy Hour 9/30 9:00am In Person: AWS COMMUNITY DAY DMV 10/27 5:00pm In-Person: Digital Transformation Community of Interest Fall Mixer


How do I find out which process is listening on a TCP or UDP port on Windows?

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Ferenc Fertoi13:08:05

haha... this networking channel is not that networking channel 😛

Ferenc Fertoi13:08:35

but ... sysinternals tcpview