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Dan Capetta - Grainger (Enablement and Platform Engineering)13:09:28

I would love to connect with anyone that is using Backstage or any Dev portal, I am hoping to learn more about how they can help streamline engagement in large engineering orgs

Jim Moverley14:09:58

Hi Dan! I've worked with a few organisations that use BackStage - btw there is a great platform community over on with a relatively active slack group.

Tim Haagenson15:09:23

I'm the Product Manager for Backstage at American Airlines. I'll be in attendance and would love to connect!

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Steve Smith14:09:44

Hi @daniel.capetta my company has helped a bunch of large enterprise organisations to build developer portals using Backstage. Let's talk at the event! @timothy.haagenson great to hear AA has a product manager for Backstage, that's super important. Would welcome a chance to talk :man-bowing:

Dan Capetta - Grainger (Enablement and Platform Engineering)17:10:22

@timothy.haagenson I would love to come to have been stalling with Eric Chapman and Bjorn about connecting

Dan Capetta - Grainger (Enablement and Platform Engineering)17:10:28

@steve.smith I would love to talk about the design and layout aspects. Have a good engineering team

Tim Haagenson17:10:23

Is there a topical birds of a feather session? Otherwise we can get together at lunch or dinner

Steve Smith19:10:15

That would be great

Tim Haagenson19:10:44

I'm against the back wall

Nilesh Maini14:09:00

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