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Dave Collins - Liatrio (THE Enterprise Modernization Firm)13:03:57

Hey All! Excited to get back together in person in August to see what this community is up to. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some updates on a few Open Source projects Liatrio has been working on over the past year. Two of the main projects are: 1.) OpenTelemetry 🔭 - OTel is an open source, CNCF project our internal Observability 🔍 experts have been working with since mid last year with our first contribution kicking off in June. It is the de facto, industry standard, observability framework and toolkit designed to create and manage telemetry data such as traces, metrics and logs to make them visible to the organization. OpenTelemetry has been central in accelerating our clients in building vendor agnostic, enterprise observability platforms. We’ve also leveraged it in transformations, collecting “leading” engineering metrics (branch count, branch age, code coverage, unique contributors, work cycle time etc) and “lagging” metrics like DORA (lead time, deployment frequency, MTTR etc.). This project has really evolved and grown quite rapidly since its inception. I’d like to think a big reason behind that is the enterprise seeking to measure their current state baseline in an effort to measure current effectiveness levels so that they can know where their starting point is as they invest in AI (Copilot/Duo) or simply look to make a business case for an initiative. Our own engineers also leverage these metrics and continually reflect on their performance, having fun centering towards key principles (engineering defaults). I’ve included links below to our Open Source Observability ( page and several repos as well. • Open Telemetry Links (Source Control &amp; our observability site) a. - The OpenTelemetry demo fork we’ve shown to clients (complete with dashboards and getting started locally for DORA & Delivery metrics). b. - Our distribution of the OpenTelemetry collector with the GitProvider Receiver. c. - Our GitProvider Receiver contributed upstream to OpenTelemetry. d. - Our Open Source opinions on Engineering Defaults and Observing Human Systems. e. - break down of leading/lagging indicators. f. - guidelines for observing humans safely and ethically. g. - The DORA Deployment Repository with incident issues deploying a versioned artifact. h. - The DORA Terraform module that is versioned and published as source code automatically. i. has also been driving the kick off of the CI/CD semantic conventions working group, defining the semantic conventions for observing CI/CD systems, which is huge for our industry. j. DEMO: - Gathering Software Delivery & DORA Metrics with OpenTelemetry 2.) Backstage 🎯 - is an open source product for building self service, built for purpose developer portals. It was started by Spotify as a means to centralize and simplify end to end software development with an abstraction layer that sits on top of all your infrastructure and developer tooling. It’s the entry point for devs to get access and spin up accounts/infra via automated templates. We’ve been seeing a ton of interest from enterprises to establish backstage as a means to simplify developer access patterns and shorten lead time to first commit. We’ve built out our own internal implementation and have a short demo below and some links that explain the origin/background of backstage. • Backstage Demo &amp; Information Links: a. - High level breakdown of Backstage b. - architecture overview c. - intro to software catalog d. - software templates e. Quick DEMO of our backstage instance (onboarding a new AWS user) Happy to pull up and chat with anyone in this community that’s interested in learning more about these projects. Have a great week all!

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Jim Moverley21:03:32

thanks for the links @dave.collins 🙂 both tools appearing frequently over here in GitLab land - we're adopting and mature integration with open telemetry : have many folks integrating us with backstage.. which has been really interesting.. OpenTelemetry and BackStage amazing up FOSS projects!

Dave Collins - Liatrio (THE Enterprise Modernization Firm)14:03:35

@james.moverley - very cool! I'll make sure our team checks that out. Our team is also working with yours on targeted enhancements to your secure software supply chain/automated governance capabilities to align with the the SLSA framework in a few clients. Lots of good progress across the board.

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Jim Moverley14:03:42

hey I'd love to catchup + appreciate the heads up! Whilst I might be a gitlab employee - im truly here for the "devops" + community! 😄

Jim Moverley15:03:30

I know Sam White well + will reach out to Darren on this!

Jim Moverley15:03:28

lastly, I would love to catch up if you'd entertain a virtual coffee chat!

Dave Collins - Liatrio (THE Enterprise Modernization Firm)18:03:25

@james.moverley -sorry for the delay. I only check this slack every few days until it gets closer to the event and then that picks up. Would love to chat - here's a link to my cal. Feel free to grab a slot that works for you. I'm on ET in the U.S.