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Two videos I want and don't see is the Disney presentation and Dr Andre martin

Chris McFee (SVP Infrastructure - KeyBank)17:11:57

Unfortunately, the Disney sessions usually don’t release.

Dan Sloan, Cox Automotive17:11:19

Dr. Martin's session also won't be available.


😞 that is best take away from the conference


Agreed, @chris.taylor. I imagine all who were fortunate enough to attend Dr. Martin's session will be extremely disappointed to find that his outstanding and inspiring talk won't be made available.


Both of the talks where what I wanted to take back to my teams 😞 - i didn't even see the slide decks either, but then again i haven't really dug yet to see if it is me just not seeing them on a quick search.


I found this article about his session, which at least covers the salient points...


Thank you Debbie ..