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Nick Jenkins (Director, Mech Rock DevOps, Perth, Oz)08:08:56

Well that got away from me. Team went GA without letting me know. Can't argue with continuous delivery I guess. Game is here, feel free: Would still value feedback from this illustrious audience, DM me for feedback form URL or just tweet it.

Simon Rohrer, [Sooner Safer Happier contributor] Saxo Bank, Head of EA and WoW05:08:58

This is lovely. Minor feedback - the back button is broken which stopped me mid game πŸ™ƒ

Nick Jenkins (Director, Mech Rock DevOps, Perth, Oz)01:08:08

It's a 'feature' of single page react.js apps. There are ways around it but they are complicated and browser specific so we haven't implemented it yet. I'll make a note on the backlog.

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Nick Jenkins (Director, Mech Rock DevOps, Perth, Oz)08:08:22

We'll do a blog post on the tech behind it and the methods at some point, but probably after a lie down and a stiff drink.

Marc Boudreau (Enterprise Architect)22:08:32

Tried it - liked it! Only feedback, some kind of indication of how much of my budget each choice would consume ... Great stuff!

Nick Jenkins (Director, Mech Rock DevOps, Perth, Oz)00:08:53

Thanks. We need to tune the budget a bit, some of the initiatives are too costly but it's basically a constraint in game terms. Otherwise you could do everything at once ... and that's not possible.

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Renan Capaverde22:08:38

Yeah, when I first played, I thought I would get budget renewal for the 2nd and 3rd years…

Nick Jenkins (Director, Mech Rock DevOps, Perth, Oz)00:08:59

We tossed that one around. Some of the initiatives are multi year, cloud migration for example, so you'd have to commit the same amount of money each year. We also thought of calling it political capital!

Jason Drumright22:08:44

Thanks for sharing @nick.jenkins! It was great, I thought it did alright but was awarded with "second place sadness" πŸ˜†

Nick Jenkins (Director, Mech Rock DevOps, Perth, Oz)00:08:15

Our pleasure. We have a lot of trouble educating clients so we thought something more visceral and engaging might work. Time will tell.

Dave Mangot - DevOps transformation professional22:08:23

Welp, gave a talk at the very first DOES in 2014, and it looks like I'm back to speak again this time around. πŸ™€ Woo! πŸ˜›

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