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Matt Ring (he/him) - Sr. Product/Engineering Coach, John Deere04:09:58

Hi all. Question for those of you measuring Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) in your orgs: at what frequency are you measuring, and what are the pros & cons you're observing from that cadence? I've worked at two orgs now measuring at what feels like opposite extremes (annually vs. every sprint). Interested to hear others' experiences. Thanks!

Roman Pickl - technical pm - Elektrobit10:09:52

We started doing it quarterly in our team. I think it's a nice middle ground.

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Ferrix Hovi - Principal Engineering Avocado - SOK (S Group)12:09:08

Monthly gets a lot of variance from different people answering every time but benefits from being able to react to a downhill fast. However, I am not the one measuring, so that's just hearsay.

Roman Pickl - technical pm - Elektrobit12:09:45

I also think there might be survey fatigue if you do that too often. We use nps + westrum organizational culture survey (as described e.g. here:

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Ferrix Hovi - Principal Engineering Avocado - SOK (S Group)12:09:31

We have a chatbot that reminds us to answer with one number once a month. That helps with the fatigue a bit

Ferrix Hovi - Principal Engineering Avocado - SOK (S Group)12:09:26

Yes, the NPS score and an optional verbose answer if you don't mind.

Matt Ring (he/him) - Sr. Product/Engineering Coach, John Deere14:09:21

@roman i agree and we're starting to see survey fatigue on our teams as well. I also wonder about the Hawthorne Effect we're introducing by measuring so frequently. How often do you measure eNPS and Westrum?

Matt Ring (he/him) - Sr. Product/Engineering Coach, John Deere14:09:47

@ferrix thanks, we also see variance and are trying to coach not to be too reactive to each and every dip or spike. On the plus side, measuring org eNPS provides a faster (monthly) feedback loop to leadership about what they could do to address concerns shared from the additional (optional) question.

Matt Ring (he/him) - Sr. Product/Engineering Coach, John Deere14:09:24

@roman thanks. Yeah, I also want to start measuring Westrum at my current org. That's high in my backlog to introduce.

David - BBY15:09:26

Hey guys - great topic. We just did our first of what's intended to be quarterly surveys of our tool set's internal user base. I'm thinking of either augmenting or replacing that periodic survey (which got about a 25% response rate) with an upon-interaction every 25th time they commit code, not to exceed one rating request per quarter.

Brian Mobile DevSecOps18:09:32

We settled on keep it simple pattern… Weekly health checkin 1 question monthly 4 questions

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Brian Mobile DevSecOps18:09:25

GRRREAT to be back again for another year. We’re virtual but still a great community, looking forward to meeting folks and sharing stories

Adam Hawkins, SRE at Skillshare, Host20:09:13

Indeed. I really want to talk to people who moved from working in small companies (say <50 engineers) to something sufficiently larger (say X000).

Ferrix Hovi - Principal Engineering Avocado - SOK (S Group)17:09:09

You mean like one team to 150 teams? :thinking_face:

Adam Hawkins, SRE at Skillshare, Host19:09:30

Ya that’s certainly a scale up. Or orgs that are really structured as team of teams.

Adam Hawkins, SRE at Skillshare, Host14:10:53

@ferrix Ya, I’d like to pick your brain about that and also your work as devops coach/consultant. What are those projects like?

Ferrix Hovi - Principal Engineering Avocado - SOK (S Group)15:10:52

There's plenty about both. On my previous company I was leading all things DevOps with my tiny team of 3-5 people. Now I am one of 20 people in a CoE where I am responsible for the leadership angle of things. It is a multivendor environment and I work as one of the specialists. This is my "main gig" at the moment. As a consultant, I lead the DevOps offering development, internal training, join in related sales and do a bit of advisory on the side both as gigs and internal mentoring.