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Michael Kingery (MetLife)16:10:19

Anyone here have a security champion for a Fortune 100 (or large company) DevSecOps implementation that they could put me in touch with? Looking for a mentor to ask some questions.

Derek Weeks, Sonatype / All Day DevOps18:10:31

Anyone who did not get a chance to order your DOES conference shirt can still order one here:

Derek Weeks, Sonatype / All Day DevOps18:10:52

We’ll send the shirt to your home

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Derek Weeks, Sonatype / All Day DevOps18:10:19

It looks like this with the DOES logo on the sleeve:


#xpo-sonatype-devsecops Got my shirt in


I’m talking with @jeff.gallimore right now — which talks would you like to do a Live Watch party for (or some derivative), so that you and work colleagues can watch together?  The idea is that we’d replay the talk, and have the speaker available to do Q&A on Slack and in a Zoom session afterwards. Thanks in advance, and I hope you’re all enjoying the all videos in the Video Library!

Michael Kingery (MetLife)21:10:31

The infrastructure one with Discover. Yes, loving the access to the previous sessions!!

James Simon, FCA, Solution Architect22:10:03

Kessel Run and Laying Tracks for sure Also the Psych safety one

Philip Day23:10:20

Great idea, so many options. Will share my highlights notes and get a feel for interest.

Andrew Hughes - Manager, DevOps Service Delivery QA (TRIMEDX)02:10:49

Def Kessel Run. Would also love to see Dr. Smith on creating an inclusive org. Have her + the rest of the Inclusive Excellence panel on for live Q&A