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<!here> Hello, esteemed members of the DevOps Enterprise scenius! TL;DR: the CFP is open for both DevOps Enterprise Summits! (Thanks for noting this, @lbmkrishna!) On behalf of myself and the DevOps Enterprise programming committee, we are thrilled to invite all of you to submit your stories to the 2021 CFP (Europe & US), and register for DevOps Enterprise Summit Virtual - Europe 2021. CFP Submission (Europe & US): Closes 19 February Europe Registration (18-20 May): 40% off through 7 March If you have any questions, post them here or DM @annp (CFP) or @alex (Registration). We’re always looking for experience reports from technology leaders in large, complex organization — leaders at all levels, and at all stages in the journey. They account for almost 3/4 of all the talks at the conference, and most of these talks come from the CFP. In the words of @jonathansmart1, “when in doubt, submit.”

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