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Sandeep Joshi05:02:02

Happy to share the new home for The Sustainable Agile Manifesto It has been a great honor working with thought leaders and sustainability experts to promote and evolve the notion of sustainability. Shifting from an “add-on” to a “mainstream” business advantage. Many thanks to all my Sustainable Agile Community members who continue to support the better ways of working in every small and big way. Keep spreading sustainability - where we can, we must! #sustainable #sustainability #sustainableagile #sustainableAgileManifesto #manifesto #agile #community #betterwaysofworking #BetheChange

Trac Bannon10:04:49

@sandeep.mvp - Who is involved in building this community? I have a few colleagues I'd potentially like to get involved!

Sandeep Joshi10:04:13

Hi @tbannon, thanks for reaching out. There is a core team of volunteers who is helping this grow. We are keen to get more volunteers join us and help us take this forward. Pls feel free to invite. 🙏