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Sandeep Joshi12:03:55

Join us for the 2021 SustainAgility Conference in celebration of the 1st Anniversary of the Sustainable Agile Manifesto! Hosted by The Sustainable Agile Community. When? Thursday & Friday, April 15th & 16th 2021, 5pm-8pm (+8 GMT) * Hear from Industry Experts & Thought Leaders * Share your experiences and ideas * Listen to real life examples of the manifesto in practice! We look forward to seeing you! #sustainableagile #sustainability #sustainableagilemanifesto #agility #agile #sustainAgility #leadership #innovation #culture #ideas #psychologicalsafety #futureofwork

Sandeep Joshi07:04:35 - Full conference agenda is out. A FREE NON FOR PROFIT EVENT A not to be missed event for all agile enthusiasts, sustainability champions, agile coaches, senior leaders who inspire the future of work and better ways of working.