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Jorge Luis Castro Toribio14:05:53

Hi Team. Hope you are doing great. I would like to share you my last paper about Building it and agile Large Enterprise's Cross Functional Capabilities: Strategies and experiences to develop cross functional teams through Technical agility coaching framework and lean agile team onboarding Hope you can check it and leave me a like or feedback, I will appreciate it a lot. Thanks : )

AlignedDev (Omnitech Engineer)16:05:36

@alex I'm going to be watching from South Dakota (CST timezone). I don't think I'll be up at 4 am 🙂. Will we be able to watch recordings later on the same day as the presentations?

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AlignedDev (Omnitech Engineer)16:05:56

@andy.hinton we are thinking the same thing. Maybe we'll "run into you"

Use other profile15:05:18

Hey @logankd and @andy.hinton! Yep, we’ll have all breakouts available at the start of the conference, and keynotes will be posted after the session when they air that day.

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