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Hello! I’m doing some research, for mainly personal reasons, and I’d love to know what your company’s Maternity/Paternity/Parental/Adoption Leave policy is. I’m interested to know whether start ups/tech companies are more or less likely to offer a fully paid package and how that affects hiring practises. Feel free to DM me or reply to the thread. Thanks

Adrienne Shulman15:05:06

14 weeks paid time off for maternity (birth parent), 6 of those weeks can be taken immediately after the first 8, or in 2 weeks or more increments thru the first year. Paternity (non birth parent) gets 6 weeks paid time off , can be taken all at once or in 2 week increments or longer thru the first year. This is for, a public enterprise saas company.


Thank you @ashulman

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Jim Moverley16:06:37

UK standards are a bit "murky" with most companies offering maternity up to 52wks, but at staggered reduced pay rates, paternity is 2wks : all meeting government guidelines ( HTH 🙂

Jim Moverley16:06:25

its interesting to see dads can participate more in parenting in many other countries.. I wish they'd do that here in the UK.. have x2 kids and wife pretty much had to pause career due to expenses / care options after 2nd child for ~11months due to the "system" - wondered if it could have been fairer elsewhere!

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