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Chris Gallivan, Stellantis, Value Stream Architect16:06:10

Any opinions on best videos to show the org this year?

Chris Gallivan, Stellantis, Value Stream Architect16:06:29

I am trying to pick a couple - hard to choose

Sophie Weston08:06:20

My top two would be Nora Jones's talk on Incident Analysis, and Jon Smart's one on OKRs

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Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)14:06:09

Second vote for the OKR talk. It was very valuable to me.

Jim Moverley21:06:29

OKrs and Nora's talk for sure 😄 Eficode talk also a good one

Jim Moverley21:06:02

similar thing.. need to "educate" leaders and want to give them a slight nudge with this content