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Hey everyone <!here>! We’re hosting a Watch Party in the #watch-party channel on July 30. > DevOps Enterprise Watch Party > [What] OKRs with Jon Smart & Dr. Mik Kersten (hosted by Gene Kim) > [When] July 30 @ 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST > [Where#watch-party channel in the conference Slack (we’ll post the webinar link there when it’s ready) > > 📅 Why should you attend? You’re watching two popular OKR talks from @jonathansmart1 & @mik, during which each speaker will add perspectives from their own experience to the other speaker’s viewpoints. Ultimately, these two talks will combine such that the sum is greater than the parts! @genek will be monitoring the Slack activity for questions to elevate to the speakers, and will invite those audience members to ask their questions live. Afterwards, the discussion will move to Gather, the 2D virtual hangout we unveiled in May, where you can meet your peers and share thoughts. Visit the virtual bar to find your after-hours hosts, @james.moverley and @nickeggleston, who’ve been helping us plan this event! What help are we looking for? Our ask of you, the community, is to show up and participate. React on Slack, bring your questions, and join in discussions with your peers. This will be a success if we can provide a space where you can contribute and engage, both with the speakers, and especially with each other. What can you do now? 1. Head to #watch-party and post your OKR questions. We’ll also post some polls to learn what you’re interested in having them talk about. 2. Watch the talks ahead of time in the Video Library: • (Jon Smart) • (Dr. Mik Kersten)

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Reminder, the Watch Party is happening in #watch-party tomorrow @ 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST!