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Jennifer Riggins14:10:23

Thanks to everyone that provided recommendations of awesome talks from DOES21! I ended up writing about (thanks for the req @mchesbro!) and @cleng and @jpetoff’s insight into Google’s SRE program (that’ll pub on Monday also on I’ll also use the OKR talk as part of a future bigger future piece. Also, if anyone wants a way to connect with @genek in a different way, along with Esther Derby, Simon Wardley, and 24 other talks, 8 workshops in our virtual venue, and more ALL LIVE (and online), I invite you to my quirky event next week 🧡

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Martin Chesbrough - Everest Engineering10:10:17

Thanks Jennifer - I'll look out for your article - or can you post the link here

Martin Chesbrough - Everest Engineering09:10:22

Thanks Jennifer - it makes a good read

Martin Chesbrough - Everest Engineering00:10:49

hi @jenniferkriggins just a small typo at the bottom of your article - your link to send you to a UK site that shows IT vacancies across the UK - probably you meant to send people to

Jennifer Petoff14:10:56

Thanks for the heads-up, @jenniferkriggins Looking forward to seeing The New Stack article when it's published later today.

Jennifer Riggins14:10:04

Thanks for catching that @mchesbro — i could only see the other from my region but that is way more appropriate