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May this Diwali - bring/give us more energy to our passion and lead our DevOps Transformation;  May this Diwali - festival of lights shed a significantly bright light on our unsung heroes of Enterprise DevOps transformation and help them move upwards and onwards.  May this Diwali - festival of love, bring harmony between Business & Technology;  May the Diwali - festival of sweets remove the bitterness in our production outage conversation/escalations and help us learn it and move forward;  May this Diwali - the victory of good over evil help us fight over stubborn organizational politics and all work towards helping our staff and our customers with great experience and happiness. May this Diwali -  Light up new dreams, fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues & different perspectives. May this Diwali: Festival to lights, sparkles, firecrackers - blast away all our impediments, bottlenecks, constraints from our path to be a "Unicorn". On this Diwali day - let us spend our quality time with our friends & family, share the love & joy, eat & celebrate; Worry less about systems & outages. Have fun - Happy Diwali to you our Enterprise DevOps Community, family & friends.

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