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is anyone aware of research into hiring and interviewing processes for software engineers? in particular things that compare techniques like coding tests to other technical interview methods? so far I've found very little

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)14:01:32

Only that every process sucks.

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Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)14:01:18

Honestly, the best process I’ve heard of is paired programming with the candidate. Whiteboard exercises don’t reflect anything related to how work is actually done.

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)14:01:53

This of course is in addition to figuring out how they would be as a teammate.


yep, that's the approach i prefer and would be what i'd do if it were my choice. my leadership insists on having folks take a test on codesignal and won't talk to them if they don't do well enough on that platform, though. most of the really great candidates don't even bother taking it

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)15:01:11

Ah, optimizing for lazy management.

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Chris Gallivan (Planview)22:01:06

I did one where they gave me a week, a problem to solve and a slack channel for help. I loved it

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Now that seems novel. I'd love to hear more πŸ˜„


was it like a canned programming problem or more of a "fix this bug" or "implement this feature" kind of problem?


wow, this is really awesome, thank you!


did you chat in a channel that was just yourself and a couple of their engineers?

Chris Gallivan (Planview)22:01:33

i was posting updates as i went

Chris Gallivan (Planview)22:01:48

then i had the pipeline update the channel


gotcha, did they make you pay for the cluster you deployed to?

Chris Gallivan (Planview)22:01:50

that was part of the lesson i learned πŸ™‚

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Chris Gallivan (Planview)22:01:04

I also deployed to my rasperry pi cluster

Chris Gallivan (Planview)22:01:45

I turned this into a learning exercise at my old company

Chris Gallivan (Planview)22:01:54

a few people did it as well


the pi cluster was smart. i'm assuming that was so you could test more cheaply?

Chris Gallivan (Planview)22:01:07

yea - plus it helped me understand the differences deploying to diff targets

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yeah this is really cool. from a hiring manager perspective, you're getting a pretty good approximation of what it's actually like to work with someone, and the time investment from your own developers seems like it would be much lower. eliminates a lot of scheduling problems as well

Chris Gallivan (Planview)22:01:31

exactly - eliminates guesswork


how much of a time commitment was it from your end as the interviewee?

Chris Gallivan (Planview)22:01:37

I put a lot of time into it, probably 20 hours all told

Chris Gallivan (Planview)22:01:56

it could have been less, but I was having fun


cool, yeah thanks again for sharing this πŸ™‚


are you cool if i share that pdf with others?