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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair19:01:37

Hello, <!here>! I’m working on some playlists for the Video Library, to help answer some commonly asked questions — each will have 4 or so of my favorite talks on the topic. I’m super excited about showcasing some of the amazing stories that have come out of DevOps Enterprise over the years! (My thanks to @mchesbro for the inspiration and encouragement!) • how do I get my organization started on the DevOps journey? • how do I integrate SREs into my organization? • how do I work better with information security and audit? What specific questions or playlists would you want created, or maybe even contribute yourself? (I’m hoping we can share our MVPs in the next 3-4 weeks, which I think will be on GitHub, so you can fork, submit PRs, etc.)

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Steve Pereira - Co-Author of Flow Engineering19:01:09

Love this idea! Here are some I always hear: • Isn't this just x (lean, agile+, BPR, XP, etc)? What's unique about DevOps? • What does leadership have to know about DevOps? • How can DevOps help us go faster? • How can we get business and tech on the same page or speaking the same language?


• we had a devops engineer devops a pipeline - that means we're done devopsing right?

Nithin Shenoy20:01:15

Some common challenges we've faced or I've heard others face when going thru the journey: • The role and transition of a traditional IT Ops (or an "MIS") engineer in a DevOps culture? (e.g. upskilling, automation, cloud transition, etc) • Guidance on starting with SLOs/SLIs


#BVSSH is an essential "lubricant" rather than glue to be successful

Adrienne Shulman04:01:24

+1 on how to get business and tech to speak the same language/ get on the same page I’d be particularly interested in a playlist exploring how devops reduces suffering

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Luke Rettig - Target, Sr Director-Global Inventory Mangement14:01:38

another +1 on crossing the business/tech divide and moving into a singular enterprise strategy.

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Randy Shoup16:01:40

Playlists are a great idea.

Sophie Weston16:01:20

As @ashulman says, I’d be interested in a playlist that emphasises the human side of DevOps.

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Nick Eggleston (free radical)23:01:25

I'm interested in how to evaluate the impact of the topical playlists and gain feedback from those who watch them (both in the short term (while watching on soon thereafter) and then longer term what resonated or how the the videos helped move the needle)

Jim Moverley17:02:51

A couple from me @genek: • What first experiments could I make to prove devops is right for us? (hello world of devops!) • What is flow, how can it work and why it is important? • How can I make working at my company a great human experience and not just a job? how can devops help? • How do we adapt documentation processes to fit devops ways? but keep the audit trail complete? So many stumbling blocks that keep forcing management back to old ways of working 🙂 Can't wait to see comes of this! 😄

Martin Chesbrough - Everest Engineering07:02:51

Saw the video library email come out today - awesome!! love it ❤️