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Jim Moverley17:02:02

Dave Farley is legend, he's got some really great material built up now on his YT channel! - aimed more at the tech / architect community!

Jennifer Riggins16:01:45

Finally wrote about @mik’s talk from last year’s DOES and others, doing my best to create an unbiased guide to OKRs but tell me what you think!

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Steve Pereira - Co-Author of Flow Engineering20:01:35

I’m very pleased to see more writing on ‘how’ for OKRs! It seems to me that the examples don’t match the ‘unmeasurable’ definition provided: Kill all Jedi, Wipe all rebels out, Powerful destructive weapons, are easily measured. Another common challenge I see is with “OKRs should be about outcomes, not activities.” If OKRs are about outcomes, shouldn’t they just be outcomes? Isn’t it easier and more straightforward to just state: ’All Jedi are dead, all rebels are wiped out, we possess powerful destructive weapons (hopefully with more clarity than that)’? Kill all jedi and wipe out rebels are activities. Powerful destructive weapons isn’t actually anything (is this actually a useful objective to anyone?)

Steve Pereira - Co-Author of Flow Engineering20:01:24

The more I look at the example, the more I see it as an illustration of how OKRs are often misapplied: Overall:  • This is a hilariously oversimplified 1-year plan for conquering an entire galaxy, which doesn’t quite make for a useful reference. • The vision is painfully unclear. A vision is more like an outcome than an objective. It’s a statement about how things could look in the future. Since it’s unclear, it’s no wonder the objectives are also just marching orders that won’t facilitate decision making. If i have an opportunity to kill a jedi, some rebels, or develop weapons, how should I choose? • There are no KRs that demonstrate that efforts are on the right track, or that some sustainable mechanism is in place for long-term positive results - they’re indistinguishable from project deliverables Jedi O:  • I’m pretty sure a KR shouldn’t just repeat an O ‘kill all jedis’ - this is like a definition including the term being defined. Rebel O:  • 6 months to destroy 80% of the galaxies rebel camps. Figuring it out is your job, not the bosses. Weapon O: • Not an actionable objective, or a sentence • Satisfied by just building things • Two dramatically different KRs - who would invest in the ‘Dead-Star’ when the lightsaber KR is an order of magnitude more accessible (yet doesn’t stand a chance of delivering on the vision) I understand the approach and the appeal of a generic pop reference, like this, but I’m afraid it just confuses people even further.

Steve Pereira - Co-Author of Flow Engineering20:01:21

Otherwise, I love the article, and I think it does an excellent job highlighting the use case and the pitfalls!

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Jennifer Riggins12:03:18

I’m sorry @steveelsewhere I only just now saw this (grrr why doesn’t Slack ping for threads!). I would let @almudena.r.p answer your ideas. Thanks for reading!

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