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Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies18:02:25

My HIT LIST OF Event all times are EST 2/7 4:00pm VIRTUAL: Managing Imposter Syndrome in Product Management with Phyllis Njoroge 2/8 6:30pm VIRTUAL: Budget Planning to Drive Agility 2/10 7:00pm VIRTUAL: From Product Strategy to measurable Product Outcomes 2/10 8:00pm VIRTUAL: Cleaning up the Planet-6 Startups tell their story 2/11 3:00pm VIRTUAL: Love & Tech: Fireside Chat with Michelle Parsons, CPO at Hinge 2/15 4:00pm VIRTUAL: LIT Leadshare- Branding Strategies for Tech Companies See comments for more info! 2/15 6:30pm VIRTUAL: DevOpsDC Monthly Meetup 2/16 6:00pm VIRTUAL: Building and Using Virtual Reality in Education 2/16 6:30pm VIRTUAL: The Listening Leader with Dr. Suzette Johnson 2/18 12:00pm VIRTUAL: Tech Nook: 2022 Digital Trends 2/22 6:00pm VIRTUAL: Lightning Talks: Interviewing for Engineers 2/22 6:00pm VIRTUAL: Masterclass : The truth about “The Imposter Syndrome”- Women in TECH

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