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Leah Brown - IT Revolution22:02:03

šŸ“£Ā Hello! IT Revolution is delighted to announce our next book club featuringĀ In A Radical Enterprise, Parker shows that the fastest growing and most competitive organizations in the world have no bureaucracies and no bosses. Discover the revolutionary shift to partnership and equality and the economic superiority that follows. This read is sure to elicit a lot of discussion and questions (we've been abuzz about it here in the IT Rev 'offices'). The book releases on February 22. The club will begin on March 21 and run through April 1. Parker will be joining us for four interactive webinars on the Four Imperative of Radical Collaboration! Sign up for the club here:Ā

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Trac Bannon18:04:10

Copy just arrived and queued up for weekend reading!