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JJ Tang12:04:46

After working with 100+ customers and SRE teams, we wrote about the pros and cons of having the SREs as a standalone team vs embedded into the rest of engineering. How does your company do it?

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🎉 Watch Party tomorrow! All are welcome <!channel> (...😅) What: Architecture with Gene Kim & Dr. Steven Spear When: 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST - duration 45 mins Where:, chat here: #watch-party ( Description: We studied organizations that had the best project due date performance in Development, the best stability and reliability in Operations, and they also had the best posture of security and compliance. We wanted to understand how these organizations made their “good to great” transformation, so that other organizations could replicate their outcomes. There have been many surprises on this 20 year journey. But by far, the biggest surprise was how it brought me into the middle of the DevOps movement. The last time any industry has been transformed like our industry is being disrupted today was probably manufacturing in the 1960s, when it was transformed through the Lean and Toyota Production System. Note: We’re testing some new features for the conference that we’d love your feedback on! See #watch-party for details. (Below is an image of us testing the platform this morning)

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