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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair19:09:20

<!here> I’m super excited about our first DevOps Enterprise Summit in three years, that’s happening on Oct 18-20 at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas! The schedule is now up! (Subject to change, of course) : We’ll learn from amazing experience reports from: • American Airlines (@ross.clanton410 Steven Leist Julie Rath) • Disney (@jason.cox) • CSG (@erica.r.morrison @steve.robert.barr) • Target (@lucas.rettig) • Fidelity (@topo.pal) • Vanguard (@christina_yakomin @rdaitzman) • Google (@cleng Pranjal Deo) • Nationwide Insurance (@lucasc5 @tod.bickley) • Mattel (Alexis Hoopes, Randeep Arora) • TJX (@vivek_gupta) • AirBnB (Anna Steel, Marcus Braszell) • Comcast (@michael_winslow) • UKG (@scott.prugh) • USAF 309th SWEG (Scott Vigil) • USN Aegis Modernization (Captain Andrew Biehn) • The Gap (Neg Bagherzadeh) • PNC (@john_z_rzeszotarski and Also, we have amazing lectures from Dr., Gaffney, Admiral John Richardson @jmrichardson1, Dr. @drandremartin, @dean.leffingwell, Marks, LTC and CPT,, Dr.,, Dr., Dr.,! And something truly, truly amazing and special from Forrest Brazeal!!!! (Hint: there will be a baby grand piano onstage!)

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