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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair17:03:38

<!here> Holy cow – DevOps Enterprise Summit Amsterdam is just over six weeks away! I just met with the Programming Committee this morning and we can’t wait to share the amazing talks we have planned. You’ll hear talks from @fernando.cornago @patrick.debois256 @drandremartin @jpetoff and more! Plus, a musical performance by @forrestbrazeal (Check out his performance from DOES Las Vegas here: Many thanks to the Programming Committee for all of their hard work – @jeff.gallimore @ckissler @ben.grinnell @jonathansmart1 @jason.cox @tapabrata.pal @scott.prugh @cornelia @damon

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I’ll chime in to add that for our returning DevOps Enterprise crowd, we’ve got a special registration rate, too — $1,400 using code AMS23FRIENDS (

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