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Gummi Viggosson17:10:33

+1 on this question ☝️

Jim Moverley17:10:57

regarding videos : I know @alex and the team are hopefully getting a well deserved bit of "decompression" time after pulling together such an amazing event : They work tirelessly in the background to get things up and running - give them a little time - they post process every talk recorded for the video library and its no small job πŸ™‚ They're surely let you know once the videos are up! πŸ™‚ (can take a just over a week normally..)

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Photos taken during the conf… when/how will they be shared to attendees?

Use other profile18:10:45

We’ll upload them into an online gallery and make them available to all πŸ™‚ When: within a few weeks is our best guess. We’re waiting for the photographer to process them.

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@kbathgat The photos from DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas 2023 are up!

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Jim Moverley16:10:42

The group photo is amazing πŸ˜„

Marcelo Ancelmo18:10:13

Hi @alex, thank you for the link. Do you have the link to the photos from DOES Amsterdam as well? I can't find it

Marcelo Ancelmo18:10:22

Thanks @alex πŸ‘

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All plenary talks are up! Breakouts should be up by end of week, or possibly Monday.

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@bkroger @james.moverley @gummiv ^^

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Majority of breakouts are now up too! We’re working the few remaining ones.

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Gummi Viggosson15:10:56

@alex do you know when access to watch more than the 10 free videos per month, will kick in?

Use other profile15:10:47

@gummiv you already can if you signed up for the video library with your email for the conference. Ignore the limit listed on the account page.

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Gummi Viggosson15:10:14

Ok thx! I was just watching that 10 number πŸ˜›