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Pavlo Muntianu07:04:45

Hello, I see that there will be a watch party in Amsterdam on April 24th, but I could not find any details about it. Can someone share the details?

Alex (IT Revolution, Conference Staff)18:04:37

Hi @pavlo.muntianu! I'll DM you the page to register to get the details.

Joris De Cuyper07:04:09

I wanted to join the Amsterdam watch party as well. I have signed up, but did not get final confirmation yet. While awaiting this, can someone tell me where in Amsterdam this is taking place, such that I can look at travel options?


Same here for the watch party in Berlin, signed-up but no further details were shared :thinking_face:

Jon Dickinson, Equal Experts07:04:41

Hi @pavlo.muntianu do you have the address and physical invitation now? I think James may have reached out to you already?

Jon Dickinson, Equal Experts07:04:43

I know we got pretty heavily subscribed for the space we had early on, hopefully there was space.

Jon Dickinson, Equal Experts07:04:55

@dstranatic - apologies I can’t see your registration in our system for the watch parties. Did you get a response in the end?


Hey @jon.dickinson, Yes all sorted out. Thanks!

Jon Dickinson, Equal Experts08:04:25

Wonderful, great to hear we could get you in.

Pavlo Muntianu15:04:19

Hi @jon.dickinson, just found email, thank you very much! See you tomorrow if you will be in!

Jon Dickinson, Equal Experts15:04:52

Hey @pavlo.muntianu, I’ll be at our Manchester location tomorrow. Can’t make it to all six of the watch parties unfortunately 🙂

Pavlo Muntianu16:04:12

oh, thats a shame. Hope before the next summit we invent a technology to enable participating in many locations 😆

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